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Music Learning

 See what Parents &  Teachers have to say! 

Our classroom participants thoroughly enjoy the fun rhythm & movements, the dietary notes with songs, the science, geography and the safari adventures! 

And all of it is done with a cultural twist that our students, parents, and we the teachers appreciate!  Thank you and best wishes!

                                                  Mrs. Mutunga


My daughter is 2 years old.  We scheduled her for a few sessions of BK Music Learning and were surprised with her attention span in an online class.  The class was very engaging, innovative, stimulating and educational. We highly recommend Baba’s kitchen to anyone looking for online educational activities for kids. Baba Yah and his team are amazing!!!


                                            Natalie (Miami)    

BK Music Learning is an excellent workshop. It teaches the children a lot of things and makes learning FUN. They love it!!

                                                   - Ms. Speede

                                                   Daycare instructor

Baba Yah is excellent with the children! My two & one year old enjoy every minute of his workshops!

                              - Makeda (Brooklyn)

BK Music Learning is such a great experience for my children! My children sign-on and always enjoy the lesson that Baba is teaching. We always ask the children about Baba Yah and the response is, " We always have fun with Baba Yah! We really like him!" Thank you Baba Yah for your time and dedication to my children. They really appreciate you!

From Class 202


                                 - Ms. Lightner

                                Daycare instructor

BK Music Learning is an inviting and creative space for children to express themselves. I appreciate this, and so does my toddler. It makes her feel seen, and she feels like she has friends. Our favorite part is the drumming!


                             - Linda (California)

I think BK Music Learning is great. The children and I look forward to our weekly sessions. Learning through song is a great way to keep the children engaged!

                                          - Ms. Holiday                                             UPK Teacher

My experience with BK Music Learning was wonderful and invigorating - especially how you engage the children and keep them focused.


                                - Ms. Simms 

                                 Daycare instructor

Baba Yah is a very engaging teacher and somehow manages to keep our very typical 3-year old fully engrossed in the virtual lesson. It gives us true peace of mind that our daughter can still develop her love of music and movement in these unprecedented times. 

                                  - Raina (Brooklyn)

Quarantine life has not been easy for our daughter. BK Music Learning has  helped in keeping her activity, seeing friends online, and providing  something familiar and comforting. It’s great to see her engaged, trying her best, and having fun. Plus the songs are super catchy!  


                                      - MJ (Brooklyn)

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