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Music Learning

About Us

BK Music Learning was founded in 2019 by Founder and CEO, Yahoteh Kokayi.

Before providing any background on Yahoteh, we must first mention his mother, Sahuspete Kokayi, who has over 30 years of teaching experience in early childhood education.  She paved the way for him by, amongst many things, creating a number of albums (which he produced) for children and classrooms which served as his introduction into the early childhood space in 2013.  













Yahoteh Kokayi is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with 15+ years of experience as a teaching artist. His primary instruments are drum set, percussion, and piano.  A father of 3 sons, Yahoteh co-founded a homeschooling collective in 2015 with the goal of effectively communicating information and concepts to his children at a higher level than he was seeing in many learning institutions around him.

This desire for a more immersive learning experience is what drives BK Music Learning and has made our program so strong.     

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BK Music Learning

We help children build strong educational foundations through music-led activities, mindfulness, and movement.

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